Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Where The Sun Don't Shine

I start radiotherapy (in case you didn't know that!) in a couple of weeks' time. Am I apprehensive? I would have said absolutely not. But who knows what goes on in the human mind? Certainly the actual process doesn't concern me in the least. However I have been warned that there can be side effects. These seem to be classified as possible and more possible. Most of the side effects that I could have were side effects of the original operation and I've dealt with those. But there is one that could be a whole new experience. Now if you embarrass easily or are squeamish. Stop now. Not that's it's you who should be embarrassed. It's me. The fact that I'm telling you this demonstrates that my embarassment threshold is very high.

The likely side effect? A burnt rectal passage. Now you'd think that would be exceptionally unpleasant wouldn't you? But the oncologist assured me that it would just be like a baddish dose of sunburn. Now I don't know about you but the one place so far as I am concerned that the sun don't shine is up my bum!

Gives a whole new slant on a word I use rather a lot: bummer.


  1. I do wish that I could sometimes place the biggest smile on these comments!!! Not that I'm smiling about the potential of a soar bum, but of your thoughts here.

    You sweet, funny and wonderful you.

    I suppose that I'd not like the thoughts of this as a side effect, either - not any side effects, for that matter.

    I did not know, by the way, and am very happy that you're sharing. I have not yet read that post below, but will catch up to that in a moment.

    I suppose I am a little annoyed that I am not able to read your postings until my day later. I shut down the computer and head up to bed each night, with the boys...at 8 p.m. So, by the time you've posted and I am able to read them...I'm resting.

    Oh well, that annoyance is not with you - sweet man, but just with time itself :o).

    I have been wondering of your process through all of this, hope that you will keep me informed - but when you don't, Graham, God enables me to know the prayer that you need. Yes, He does.

  2. I'm glad that I made you smile, Heather. The thought makes me smile and wince at the same time. The Glad Game result is: I have something amusing to talk about. After all, we all want to be amused rather than saddened. If I just said 'I've got a burned rectal passage' everyone would show sympathy and laugh later. But bums are funny and this way we can all laugh together!

  3. Oh and I forgot to say that I only posted this one first thing this morning although 'I've Been Tattood' was just before midnight and few people outside New Zealand would be reading it before the morning.

  4. Yes, the ultimate call for The Glad Game....

  5. Oh, you got my ouches or understanding and a huge smile from me too. I have various "rear end" and rectal problems from Crohn's disease and tge damage it has caused.

    My GP told me about this side effect you may get when he went through similar radation treatment.

    My suggestions are -
    1)there is nowt wrong with sitting on a surgical "donut" cushion . I have one at home and another at work!

    2) a Mickle style diet of "no rough stuff" will help make things more comfortable

    I really hope you get a radiation technician that is skilled AND has an excellent sense of humour.

    Here is a laugh for you: My cat,Zebby, had an ultrasound on his innards yesterday. His entire (very ample) abdomen has been shaved - now I can see his navel! Just as well its Winter here or he'd be at risk of sunburn.

    Sincere care and huggles from Michelle and (currently snoring) Zebbycat in Wellington, xxx

  6. Thank you Michelle.

    I don't envy you Crohns Disease. I had a friend with it and she suffered. She, however, recovered from it fortunately.

    Nothing I can do about it if it happens except make the best of it so I'm grateful for your suggestions and will bear them in mind should the worst occur.

    Doubtless I will let the world know!!

    Isn't Zebbycat rather cold? Was the ultrasound result ok? I'd better go to your blog and see.

    Thanks for your thoughts