Sunday, 7 June 2009

A Beguilling Service

I went to a funeral yesterday. Actually it was billed as "A Celebration of the Life of Audrey Clare". Audrey lived in the township (village). I first met her many years ago (probably about 35 when I came to Lewis). I went to the same Church as she did: St Peter's Episcopal Church in Stornoway. I was, for a while, an active member of that Church. In fact when I came to Lewis I went to the Episcopal Church on a Sunday morning and the Church of Scotland in the evening. After all I'd been a churchgoer from the age of 4 until I fell out with organised religion when I was 16. I returned to the Church when I was about 25 until some years after I came to Lewis when the behaviour of the Minister at the time became intolerable. Although I have never professed loyalty to any particular Church I had always called myself a Christian. It was only in 2006 that I lost my faith and became atheist.

St Peter's Church in Stornoway brought back many memories and the ambiance, the fellowship and the beauty of the service were beguiling. I can see how I believed in God; just as many before me have believed in many Gods. But for the time being reason provides a different answer.


  1. My favorite church to attend is Christ Episcopal Church in Texas where Sara lives. The architecture is majestic---enormous white columns and high, arched ceilings...arched windows, a pipe organ, a choir in the loft...the flowing robes of the ministers wearing their large cross necklaces. I am captivated by the ceremony and ritual. Yet, they incorporate some contemporary Christian music into the service with their top-of-the-line musicians. I always leave there feeling as if I've had an encounter with heaven.