Sunday, 1 June 2008

In The Meantime

Life in what passes for my mind has returned to normal and most of the time I don't even think of what is happening or what is to come. There is so much 'nothing' to get on with.

For the most part it's been quite a quiet week and CJ and I just pottered around like an old married couple doing the shopping and take photographs, going for coffee and the crossword and take photographs, deciding to go for a car ride and take photographs or a walk to take photographs. In fact we take a lot of photographs. I did a some gardening and outside work and lots of cooking (so that's what it's like being a housewife) but not, I have to say, much housework. We had friends for dinner on last Sunday and Monday (Sue Marshall stayed) and callers who 'just happened to be passing' (as if you can just pass this house - well actually you can if you are walking down to the shore). We spent hours on the computers sorting photos, writing blogs and I've started sorting and scanning in my old photos. I shall have to live to 100 just to do that! Actually it was a very busy week - we just didn't do very much - if you see what I mean.

Faith Restored

I decided last Thursday afternoon to email Mr Hollins and tell him that Mr Bramwell had referred me and that he wouldn't be getting the letter for a while. Within hours he'd emailed the radiologist and oncologist and sorted everything. On Friday afternoon I got an email from the oncologist saying that if I hadn't heard with a scan appointment by Tuesday I was to get in touch with him directly. It's restored my faith. Well in the NHS anyway!

I'll probably have my appointment before Mr Hollins knows officially that I've been referred to him.