Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A Mixed Message

Having spent 6 days trying to adjust to being back in Scotland I set off for Glasgow on Monday 11th.   On Tuesday I went to Ayr hospital and had scans.  On Friday I went back to get the results.  The scan showed nothing.  I was told that this meant that there was nothing that could be seen not that there is nothing to see.  The cancer cells are basically too small to be detected and may, in addition, be too dispersed. So the cancer's there but nowhere to be seen.  Cunning little buggers these cancer cells.  

A year ago radio therapy was ruled out on the grounds that my PSA count was too high for likely success.  Apparently now that the treatment has reduced the count they can at least give radio therapy a go.  There is a 20% chance the cancer cells are around the site of the original operation. They can have a bash (so to speak) in that area with radio therapy and, assuming that there is a 100% chance that any cells there are killed that would give me a 20% chance of having the cancer removed. The side effects are liveable with. And in a maximum of 18 weeks from now it should all be over.

So I feel happy that it's not too far advanced and that there is a chance of the cancer being destroyed.  Having said that I've lived with it for so long now its destruction seems an unlikely scenario.

But wotthehellarchiewotthehell.  It could be worse.  I might have missed the start of the croquet season!  


  1. Thank you ;o)

    Now...hmmmm, prayers that they'd find nothing were answered...don't know if that is good or bad for you.

    I believe it is good. We all have something to live with, some have no ill cause but fear is their illness. Some have something to point a finger on, but find life to be fuller with it there.

    You keep on keeping on, and don't be too far from me, my friend. I care and continue to.

    Love, Heather

  2. With your positive attitude to life I doubt the cancer cells have much chance! Let's hope they all get zapped, the little buggers.

  3. I am very relieved to hear this!

    Go on, give 'em what they deserve and fry 'em up! It's high time they got shown who's boss.

    Good luck and best of wishes!

  4. I, too, shall keep a good thought for you. A great attitude and good dose of radiation can go a long way. :)

  5. Thank you one and all. Your thoughts (and humour) are very much appreciated.