Monday, 6 April 2009

The Spectre Looms Again

Just under twelve months ago I wrote of the day that I received the news that my cancer was making an attempt to re-colonise this edifice that I call my body. Subsequently, after bone and MRI scans I was put back on implants as a 'last line of defence under current knowledge'.

I knew from past experience that the efficacy of the implants was limited. I was, however, rather disappointed to find out last Friday that the period of efficacy was so short lived. My PSA count has more than doubled in the last 12 weeks (a doubling in 6 months is regarded as serious).

When I received the news at the Doc's last Friday I was rather stunned. I had mentally prepared myself last year for a few years' respite and this sudden reversal came as a bit of a surprise. But there we are. These things are sent to confound us. Anyway had a drop more wine than usual that evening and spent Saturday on the lawns and in the evening Wendy and I and a friend of Wendy went to the ballet. It was absolutely awesome.

What happens next I'm not sure. My Consultant in the UK has said more bone and MRI scans whilst I am here in New Zealand but I may just wait until I get back to Scotland. I only have 21 more sleeps here until I return. And I have so much to do.


  1. GB! I didn't realize that you were writing in this blog anymore. I happened to notice while on your NZ blog this afternoon (for me). Now...if only I'd known what you were up to recently, I'd been praying all the more but let me say this...and I think you already know, my dear friend, have been on my heart lately BIG TIME. I knew it wasn't "coincidence".

    I will be praying for your days ahead AND NOW - I will subscribe to ALL of your blogs, so you can't sneak anything by me.

    I care, really I do.

    ♥ Heather

  2. Oh..just so that you know, I do know that you were not sneaking this new by me. I just wasn't aware, and would like to be :o).