Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A Friendly Face

My praise for the NHS continues: it took half a day on Monday for the NHS to arrange for me to visit the Urology Clinic which I did this afternoon. I saw Mr Bramwell (who visits once every blue moon - how lucky was I?), who was Mr Hollins' fellow Consultant in Raigmore when I had my op in 1998 and who is still there as the senior consultant. It was very re-assuring to be greeted by someone who was not only a friendly face but who remembered me - I have seen him since 1998 I should add.

After an introduction to Mr Sharath a Consultant at the Hospital and a specialist nurse we had a long chat (and a brief examination which I shall gloss over) the upshot of which is that he thinks I should continue all my treatment and scans etc through Mr Hollins and his team. He is writing to Mr Hollins and copying it to me so that I can 'persuade' my GP that this is what is going to happen. 'Cos it is! Mr Hollins is in Ayr which in itself is not so easy to get to but everything else is done in Glasgow which is much more visitor friendly for me because of the people I know there and the fact that Gaz's flat is there if I need accommodation. Inverness may be nearer but I have no real friends or contacts there any more so a stay for treatment would be a very lonely couple of weeks.

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